Senate Republicans offer a variety of internships to those interested in learning more about the legislative process, gaining analytical skills and improving research skills, as well as expanding skills and experience in their field of interest.

All internships are unpaid, but we will help provide and fulfill necessary procedures to earn academic credit through your school.

Undergraduate/Graduate Internships

Interested applicants for an undergraduate/graduate internship may choose to focus on either general research or public relations and communications during the duration of the internship. Either of these opportunities may include assisting with research and office projects, completing an analytical research project on the topic of your choice, conducting policy research, attending subcommittee and committee meetings, attending floor debate, and attending meetings with legislators when appropriate.

Law Student Internship Program

Law students interested in completing an internship with the Iowa Senate Republicans have a variety of opportunities depending on the law year. These may include attending subcommittee and committee meetings, attending meetings with legislators, assisting with research, completing a research project, assisting with bill analyses, and developing potential legislation to follow through the legislative process. Law student internships must be coordinated and approved through your law school program.

Apply online, or email Larissa Wurm, Deputy Communications Director, at if you have any questions.