Historic Property Tax Agreement Passes Iowa Senate

Record property assessment increases caused exhausted taxpayers to demand state action to reform and control property taxes. According to a survey conducted for Iowans for Tax Relief 67% of Iowans support the legislature setting limits on how much local governments can tax and spend. A Des Moines Register poll showed 58% supported a similar concept. Today, the Iowa Senate Passed HF 718, a property tax reform proposal to limit the cost of local government spending, automatically reduce tax rates when assessments rise, provide clarity for taxpayers on local budgets and spending, and consolidate and simplify 15 property tax levies. House File 718 passed 49-0.

“I am proud to add yet another historic accomplishment to protect the taxpayer,” said Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver. “Iowans feared big property tax increases with their new assessments. This bill fixes it.” 

“Senate Republicans have spent the last several months working on a thoughtful, long-term proposal to provide real, permanent property tax relief for Iowans,” said Senator Dan Dawson. “House File 718 is the most comprehensive property tax relief to be passed by a legislature and, I believe, passed in a single legislative session. I am proud of the bill that is passing today and the monumental effect it will have on the lives of hard-working Iowans.”