Senator Dix: The Importance of Local Elections

This week many Iowans cast a vote in their local school board election. Local elections have the biggest impact on your daily life, yet participation is lower than federal and statewide races. County, city, and school board leaders are responsible for the direct spending of your state and local tax dollars.

Iowa Senate Republicans understand policies are best executed at the local level. During the 2017 Legislative Session, Republicans provided more authority to school boards over spending and increased local responsibility for programs and workforce to ensure prosperous and stable communities in our state.

A significant portion of Iowa’s budget is invested in each level of education for the next generation. The legislature expanded Flexibility Accounts for schools to ensure money allocated to each district is invested annually in the performance and education of our kids. Collective bargaining reform eliminated costly government mandates, which inhibited creativity and achievement in our communities and schools.

Teachers, administrators, school board members, and residents all have a vested interest in the success of their local education system. It is vital that elected local leaders are effective in implementing these reforms. I hope Iowans made time to vote for school boards this week and will plan to vote in city council elections in November. These elections shape the direction of your schools and community, now more than ever.

Let’s make it happen!