Whitver announces committee chairs, vice chairs

Today, Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver, R-Ankeny, announced chairs and vice chairs of Senate standing committees for the eighty-ninth Iowa General Assembly.

Senator Zumbach – Chair
Senator Sweeney – Vice Chair

Senator Kraayenbrink– Chair 
Senator Lofgren – Vice Chair

Senator Schultz – Chair
Senator Koelker – Vice Chair

Senator Sinclair – Chair
Senator Taylor – Vice Chair

Senator Koelker – Chair
Senator Carlin – Vice Chair

Government Oversight
Senator Schultz – Chair
Senator Williams – Vice Chair

Human Resources
Senator Edler – Chair
Senator Costello – Vice Chair

Senator Zaun – Chair
Senator Garrett – Vice Chair

Senator Whiting– Chair
Senator Green – Vice Chair

Local Government
Senator Shipley – Chair
Senator Klimesh – Vice Chair

Natural Resources
Senator Sweeney – Chair
Senator Driscoll – Vice Chair

Senator Whitver – Chair
Senator Chapman – Vice Chair

State Government
Senator Smith – Chair
Senator  Cournoyer – Vice Chair

Senator Brown – Chair
Senator Shipley – Vice Chair

Veterans Affairs
Senator Carlin – Chair
Senator Reichman – Vice Chair

Ways and Means
Senator Dawson – Chair
Senator Goodwin – Vice Chair

The Appropriations subcommittee chairs are: 

Administration and Regulation
Senator Guth – Chair

Agriculture & Natural Resources
Senator Rozenboom – Chair

Economic Development
Senator Lofgren – Chair

Senator Cournoyer  – Chair

Health and Human Services
Senator Costello – Chair

Justice Systems
Senator Garrett – Chair

Transportation, Infrastructure, and Capitals
Senator Johnson – Chair

Senator Zach Whiting will be the vice chair of the Administrative Rules Review Committee.

Senator Zach Nunn will remain on military duty through the 2021 Legislative Session.