Senator Dix: Education Reform Benefits Become Reality

During last session Senate Republicans pushed for increased local control for schools across Iowa. Even though those reforms are only a few months old, the results are starting to be seen on the local level. The Cedar Rapids Gazette recently profiled the home school program at the Marion Independent School District. 

According to the article, the Marion home school program is the largest in the state by a significant margin and it draws home school students from around the Cedar Rapids metro area. The article goes on to discuss one of the education reform policies passed last session and how it may impact the Marion home school program.  House File 565 allowed Iowa schools to create flexibility accounts, which permit the allocation of unused funds from one program to another.

These reforms allowed the school board for the Marion School District to consider re-allocating funds from their home school program into a flexibility account. Once the funds are in the flexibility account they may then be used for facility improvements and upgrades. The nearly 1,000 students enrolled in those activities could move from a cramped 7,500 square feet facility to one with over 22,000 square feet to accommodate the programs.

It is encouraging to see schools creatively utilizing the tools the legislature provided to improve the opportunities for students. I look forward to learning of more examples of the benefits of local control in schools, counties and cities across Iowa.

Let’s make it happen!