Senator Dix: Harvest Time

As Iowa farmers continue to work through harvest this year, the ripe fields remind us of the special place we live. Iowa has some of the richest soil in the world and a climate conducive to feeding millions of people all across the globe. Harvest is my favorite time of year. It is a busy time, for me and for thousands of other farmers across the state. This dedication produces the opportunity to literally reap the rewards of the investment in planning, planting, cultivating, and monitoring our crops.

This year the Iowa Senate passed important legislation protecting good producers in the agricultural sector from being victimized by frivolous lawsuits. This law provided no safe haven for bad actors. However, the producers who care about their neighbors, the environment, and the land they leave to the next generation will be protected from baseless lawsuits. Those lawsuits place an undue burden on an industry already struggling with low commodity prices and stubbornly high input costs.

Our agenda has been, and will continue to be, to reduce the size and cost of government, while empowering local officials to make the best choices for their communities. An efficient, effective government allows farmers and all Iowans the ability to enjoy the fruits of their labor during harvest and throughout the year.

Let’s make it happen!